Advantages of Hiring a Professional Power Washer

Power washing your home is an important act of home maintenance that really should be done at least once a year. It is essential in removing mold and mildew anywhere from the side of your house to the concrete in your backyard. There are plenty of parts of your house that could use a good power washing. Here are some of the areas of your home that should be considered:

• Sidewalk
• Driveway
• Siding
• Walls
• Windows
• Wooden decks
• Heating and air conditioning units
• Maintenance equipment
• And more!

Different jobs will require different strengths. When it comes to power washers, you are mostly paying for pressure. This comes in the form of its PSI, or pounds per square inch, rating. Cheaper electric models top out at 1800 PSI and are perfect for light-duty cleaning, such as washing your car or cleaning your cooking grill. Higher-end consumer models range from 2000-3000 PSI and are great for cleaning decks, pavement, and sidewalks. Commercial models range from 3000 to as high as 4000 PSI and are effective for things like industrial cleaning and stripping paint. The real decision comes in how you will approach acquiring one. There’s the obvious route of renting or buying a power washer. Rates for renting a power washer range from $75 to $200 per day, depending on the model. Actually buying one can cost you anywhere from $99 for an electric model to $4000 and beyond for a commercial model, but you really do get what you pay for if the route you choose is purchasing one of the cheaper washers. An average-to-good washer will go for at least $300.

Another option is hiring a professional power washer. There are plenty of benefits to choosing to hire a professional power washer over renting or buying one and doing it yourself.

• First, there’s the wonderful fact that you won’t have to do the actual work yourself. This will save you a ton of time and energy. You’ll avoid getting soaked in water-diluted cleaning fluid. Also, you won’t have to climb up a 20-foot ladder to clean the second floor siding, clear out the gutters, and remove mildew from your roofing. Considering how slippery a ladder can get, power washing from a high position can be hazardous. All the physical work, and its associated dangers, is no longer your concern.

• It’s not a simple job. It’s time-consuming, can be dangerous, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, can damage your home. A professional knows what they’re doing and will likely do a better job with their professional equipment and know-how than you with your personal washer and weekend warrior spirit.

• You save money on buying equipment. You won’t have to spend money renting or buying a power washer. You won’t have to buy a ladder tall enough to reach your roof, which can cost as much as $150 for an aluminum ladder that is over 20 feet. You won’t have to buy the cleaning solution. You won’t have to buy the safety equipment, like goggles and protective suit. You won’t have to get the extended-length pressure hose. You won’t have to get the various little knick knacks that make for a productive pressure wash enterprise, including chemical injectors, detergents, hot water washer, etc.

• By using a professional, you gain access to their professional equipment. They will be using commercial washers that will remove all mold and mildew guaranteed. It can mean the difference between having a slightly lighter wooden deck when using an electric model versus hiring a professional and having a completely stripped deck that looks like it was just installed.

• Professional power washers have access to powerful cleaning solutions that are unavailable to the general public. These stronger cleaning solutions will ensure whatever you choose to have cleaned will look brand new again. Again, it can mean the difference between being a little cleaner and making it look pristine.

• A professional knows what they’re doing. If you are power washing for the first time or using equipment you’ve never used before, you may not realize just how powerful your power washer is. A power washer is strong enough to leave permanent streaks in just about everything it encounters. Aluminum siding can get dented by it. It can effectively destroy wood and strip paint from walls. Hiring a professional ensures you won’t damage your own property. And, if the pro messes up, they’re the ones who are liable.

• You save time. Power washing the side of your house typically takes several hours, depending on your house’s size. There goes your Saturday because it’s a full day’s work, possibly more, which means it can take up your entire weekend.

Whether or not you choose to hire a professional, you should consider power washing your home at least once a year. It is an important part of home maintenance. Allowing your home to continue to stay dirty will lead to long-term issues and greater expenses down the road. A good power wash will improve the image of your home and make sure costly repairs aren’t needed later. Be smart and plan a power washing!

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